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You May Try These 6 Photo Booth Designs Which Are Instagrammable

There are many things that must be prepared before the wedding, one of which is to prepare a photobooth or place a photo that is one of the mandatory details if you want your wedding to look attractive. Usually, it takes a lot of inspiration to determine the decorating options that you want. In the meantime, you may want to check out photo booth rental san diego, ca if you look for photo boot companies near your area.

Well, we have collected 6 interesting inspirations for a beautiful wedding photo booth or wedding photo booth that really inspires.

1. Flower wall

Flower wall had been very popular since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West used it for their marriage. You can mix and match with different colors according to your wishes. It’s good, is not it?

2. Hanging fresh flower wall

If the flower wall for you is not in accordance with the specified budget, you can choose hanging fresh flower wall as an alternative. Still looks beautiful, how come!

3. Paper interest

Well, the paper flower backdrop is one of the decorations that are being used in some countries. In addition to the affordable price, you are not difficult to order paper flower because now there are many online shops that provide this backdrop making service. You can also make it yourself and there are many tutorials available too.

4. Paper crepe

Making paper crepe is easier than making a paper flower. You only need to buy crepe paper at a stationery shop or bookstore according to the color you like. After that, you just stick the colorful crepe paper in the backdrop. It’s easy, right?

5. Chalkboard

The advantage of using a whiteboard and chalk is that you can write your name and partner as well as the date of the wedding. Can be used at the same time for online invitations and shared on your social media account.. Very effective, huh!

6. Paper fan

The paper fan is also easy, you know. You just have to buy a fan paper and stick it to the backdrop. Very easy!