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Blood Lines

The ABLE? Blood Lines is connected with other medical devices to establish extracorporeal circulation channel outside human body in the process of hemodialysis. The material of this product is medical-grade PVC. Tubes of this product are soft and transparent, it is covenient and credible to connect with fistula needle and dialyzer.

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It is used to establish cardiopulmonary bypass channel in hemodialysis treatment.

1. Pump Tube: With high elasticity and medical grade PVC, the shape of tube remains the same after continuous pressing of 10 hours.
2. Drip Chamber: several sizes of drip chamber available.
3. Dialysis Connector: Extra large designed dialyzer connector is easy to operate.
4. Clamp: clamp is made of hard plastic and designed larger and thicker to guarantee sufficient stop.
5. Infusion Set: It is convenient to install and uninstall, which ensure precision infusion and safe priming.
6. Drainage Bag: closed priming to meet the requirements of quality control, single way drainage bag and double way drainage bag available.
7. Customized Designed: Different sizes of pump tube and drip Chamber to meet the requirements of customers.


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