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Bilirubin Adsorption Column

DX series Disposable Bilirubin Adsorption Column uses the plasma separator and blood purification support system to extract the blood of the patients with hyperbilirubinemia and hypercholesterolemia from the body, then separate the bleeding plasma through the plasma separator, carry out the plasma adsorption, remove the bilirubin and bile acid in the body of the patients, and achieve the treatment purpose of blood purification.

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DX Series bilirubin adsorption column is designed for treatment of fulminant hepatitis, post-operative liver failure, primary biliary cirrhosis, hyperbilirubinemia and Bile acid syndrome. The adsorption of bilirubin and bile acid from plasma and is an effective and safe approach for hemopurification of the patients who have hepatopathy such as fulminant hepatitis, post-surgery hepatic failure, primary biliary cirrhosis and hyperbilirubinemia.

Without the consent and guidance of doctors, the following individuals are not recommended to use this product: infants and children, low weight people, pregnant women, heart disease patients, hypoproteinemia patients, patients with severe bleeding tendency.

DX350: adsorbent volumn 350mL


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