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These Are Things You Must Know About HDMI Cables v1.4

HDMI cables are important for our HDTV. Without them, we can’t enjoy the interesting shows on our HDTV. This version is now widely used by HDTV today. Aside from that, if you’re looking for the finest white hdmi cable, we suggest you only to look for such cables in the best online stores.

The features of HDMI v1.4 that we need to know include:

– HDMI Ethernet Channel. In HDMI v1.4 cable, there is the addition of high-speed internet network on the HDMI link, so users can access the internet without the need to add an ethernet cable again.

– 3D video. HDMI v1.4 supports 3D video. If you want to watch Full HD 3D movies from Blue Ray, for example, use this HDMI v1.4 cable.

– Automotive Connection system. HDMI v1.4 is also designed to be used in the automotive field, such as cars, for example. This type is specifically designed to withstand noise, vibration and extreme temperatures with special connectors.

That’s it for the info about HDMI cables v1.4 that we may share with you. Although it’s a very short article, we hope it helps you to know more about this version of HDMI cables.