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You Should Know This Before You Start A Piling Process

Basically, the pile can be fixed with each type of hammer, provided that the pile can penetrate into the specified internal depth or achieve the specified carrying capacity, without damage. On the other hand, you can visit https://knproconcrete.com/ if you need to hire the best piling service company.

When the final elevation of the pile head is below the original soil surface, the excavation must be carried out first before erection. Special attention must be given so that the foundation base is not disturbed by excavation outside the boundaries indicated in the working drawings.

The head of the steel pile must be protected with a hat or mandrel and the wooden pole head must be protected with wrought iron or non-magnetic iron ring. Hammers, steel caps, hat pads, pulleys, and piles must have the same axis and must be located exactly one above the other. Stakes including sloping piles must be centrally fixed and directed and maintained in the right position. All erection work must be attended by the Work Directors or representatives, and the stake hammer may not be replaced and removed from the pile head without the approval of the Work Directors or representatives.