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These Are Ways To Open A Wine Bottel Using A Sommelier Knife

There are 3 types of wine bottle openers: Basic corkscrew, Wing corkscrew, and Sommelier knife. This type of Basic corkscrew itself is the most common type and is widely used even though it requires extra energy to use it. For this type of Wing corkscrew, the use is easier but many are easily broken. The type of Sommelier knife is easier to use and widely used by professionals.

The sommelier knife consists of a small knife to open the wine cap, screw to open the cork (cork) and support to pull the cork out. Meanwhile, you may also want to Read my blog if you wish to know more about wine brewing equipment.

How to open bottles of wine using Sommelier knife are as follows:

1. Fold the thread and support, use a small knife to open the wine cap. For those who don’t know yet, a wine cap is a thin metal layer that covers the entire bottle with cork just below it.

2. Get rid of the wine cap after it is opened.

3. Fold the knife back, then insert the screw into the center of the cork by rotating it while pressing it.

4. Open the buffer, note that the buffer has 2 indentations, up and down, place the upper curve on the lip of the bottle cap then pull the screw that has stuck to the cork.

5. After the thread pulls to its maximum point, place the lower curve of the support on the lip of the bottle cap, then pull the screw.

6. After removing the cork, remove the cork from the screw and fold the wine screw.